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Detoxification begins when you stop poisoning the body with food
that has no nutritional value or "junk food" . You can start by taking
2lts water, add a raw salad with olive oil before meals and gradually
start replacing the food with no nutritional value for healthy food.

The following liquefied drink (smoothie) not only cleans the large
and small intestines, but also calms cravings for sugars and reduces
extreme hunger, thereby lowering your weight without starving.

In 10oz of water, grind in blender 3/ 4 cup of 3 different vegetables,
which need to be rotated: celery, parsley, cucumber, kale, spinach,
green leaves, beets, green chard, green leaves of turnips, squash and
other vegetables you may have in your fridge. If your blender grinds
roots, you can also add beets, carrots, turnips, parsnips, rutabags, etc...
Add a slice of ginger, mint leaves, 1/4 of an apple or some fruit and a
teaspoon of olive oil. Serve in a glass, it should not be strained, and
add the juice of 1 or 2 green or yellow fresh lemons, and if you want
you can add a packet of sweetener "Stevia". Drink this before breakfast
and again 30 minutes before dinner for 2 weeks. Then you can take it
once a day or at least every third day. So you do not get bored of the
taste, you rotate the vegetables and fruits. Everyone can enjoy these
smoothies from 12 months of age. Be sure to exercise for better detoxification.

Luz Maria Briseño



Caffeine is extremely acidic to the body.
Drinking soda, coffee or caffeinated beverages, will not allow you to
detox from the toxins.

Leaving caffeine will reduce over-stimulation of adrenals.
If you take a small coffee, you are taking more than 90mg
of caffeine. Taking more than 4 cups of coffee per day
(380 or 400mgs of caffeine) is considered a drug.

Excessive caffeine gives you the feeling that you can do much more
than what your body actually can.  What is the difference between being
addicted to caffeine and being addicted to other substances? Not much.

When you avoid caffeine for 4 weeks, your body returns to its normal
operation. You will have more true power... compared to the false energy
you used to have with caffeine, and at night you sleep deeply and will rest.
Can you stop drinking coffee for 1 or 2 weeks? Are you addicted?

Do not suddenly stop taking caffeine. (The symptoms are terrible and
will make you fail). Gradually reduce grams of caffeine you consume
each day. Start by eliminating 1 cup of coffee a day each week until you
reach taking only one cup a day.

Replace the caffeine in coffee with green tea. This will give you extra
energy without causing energy crashes caused by refined caffeine.
Take 200mg of vitamin B5 to nourish your adrenal glands,
coffee wears this down.

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