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How I can lose weight permanently?

The best way to lose weight permanently is by committing yourself. One thing to
know is that you have to eat healthy; another is to actually want it, need it, and
understand it. Once the pain is stronger than the pleasure of eating poison, you will
achieve it.

The best way to lose weight permanently is to have the desire to do it; having patience
with your body (you will not lose weight magically). Do not expect to lose in one month
what you gained in 10 months. The best way to eat: avoid refined sugars and fried food,
toxin nicotine and alcohol, drugs and excessive stimulants and foods with no nutritional
value. To reduce cravings for refined carbohydrates and sugars you can take 1000mg
of Glutamine before breakfast, before lunch and before 3pm on an empty stomach.

I can’t stop eating sweet bread, chips and junk food ... What can I do?

Give what you eat a new meaning, instead of thinking about how delicious the fried
food or dessert will be, think of the guilt you will feel once you are done eating it,
visualize a larger stomach, extra size, money in the trash, dehydration, withered skin,
health problems such as candidiasis, irritability, nervousness and depression.

If weight loss pills are harmful, why do people continue to take them?

I have a theory about why humans do things knowing that these could have fatal
consequences; most of us naturally NEVER believe it is going to happen to us.
It is scientifically proven that chemicals of any street drug or prescription, have
disastrous side effects, but these are the same people that still use them. Perhaps
suffering from a certain disease leaves them with no alternative and believe they
have to resort to drug. Or maybe suffering from obesity has undone them morally
that they believe that they have no alternative but to risk their own life. Some people
prefer the “easy” way out by taking pills to lose weight instead of going through a
disciplined sacrifice, even though that throughout this process they take the risk of
losing the thyroid gland, kidney, or even their life. Depending on the meaning you
give to suffering, it will be your choice between “supposed miracle” pills or nutrition.
You're the only person who can make the decision and have the obligation to choose.

Why do doctors say that vitamins are not good?

Well, not all, but most doctors say that vitamins are not recommended, but they say
this because before they graduate, they take an oath, the oath that they devote their
lives to treating diseases ONLY with medicine (drugs) period. So how many doctors
know about nutrition? Very few, those who choose to study on their own to better
serve their patients. This does not mean that doctors do not advise you of what you
should eat are bad doctors; it’s just that this is neither their job nor their obligation.
Eating healthy and learning how to do so is the duty of each of us who want to live
longer and better.

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