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Gaining weight with nutrition is the opposite of losing weight.
If you want to gain weight, you have to put in balance your body
and metabolic system, plus you have to select the best source of
calories. When an obese or thin person eats and eats and does
not get full, it is because: the body is hungry for nutrients.
When a person who eats healthy and is still hungry, chances are
you are not absorbing nutrients from foods due to an excess of
toxins, high acid levels in the body, a problem of physical or
psychological health, or too much stress.

Other causes for which you may be too small: genetics
(naturally fast metabolism) or the lifestyle of a person, bad eating
habits are also inherited and can become a lifestyle. If you are
naturally thin and do not eat right, you will lose more weight,
and if you are plump by nature and if you do not eat right, you
will gain more weight. Many people believe that junk food doesn’t
affect them because they eat this and don’t gain weight, this is
incorrect, chemicals and additives in fast foods hurt everyone.

A person, who adds 400 calories to their diet, can gain one pound
per week. The protein found in egg whites can help get those extra
calories that you need. Persons that are low in weight suffer of being
cold, poor circulation, fatigue and anemia. The consumption of sea
fish, olive oil on salads, red meats, poultry and liver is recommended.
This type of protein improves anemia and fatigue, circulation and
cold. It is worth it to learn to count the grams of protein you consume
each day. Men need 80 to 100gms of protein a day and women
50 to 70gms of protein per day. The lack of quality protein, makes
it difficult to gain weight and maintain the organism, including keeping
the brain in balance.

Note: Do not drink water before eating, this make you be less hungry.
Do not eat refined sugars, these are addictive. Do not do aerobic
exercise, it is better to walk and lift weights.

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