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• Luz María Briseño

I am from Guadalajara, Jalisco México. I have worked for
20 years in the Spanish radio industry; 10 years in the Northern
California and 10 in Southern California. In Northern
California I work in Salinas, San Jose, and
Sacramento. One of the radio stations
was like my home, and  the programmer
Mr. Vicente Romero to this day is a good friend...
this was at "Stereo Rey 103.5 FM" . Here in Southern California,
I have worked in very important radio stations
with very different formats, from regional Mexican music
and romantic music to what is called “sonidera” .

My nutrition show "Curvas Peligrosas" is a
program that occurred without planning.
Several years ago I was hospitalized for several
days, 2 of them I was in a coma because of the weakness
of my heart. I would get up at 4 in the morning.
I would work 10 to12 hours a day, I suffered of
insomnia, and my nourishment was only junk food.
Besides never drinking water, every day I would eat 2 to 3
chocolate bars, ice cream, and all kinds of desserts and
sugars. After the incident with my heart, I started studying
nutrition on my own as a hobby.
Hobby that today became
my passion.

At year's end (after having been in a coma)
on my radio program, I conducted a 2 week survey of
on the new year resolutions that my radio listeners had
agreed to take, and if not all, what most (men and women),
wanted was to lose weight and improve their health.
So I asked my programmer (then Mr. Pepe Garza)
permission to give nutrition tips.  He thought that this
was a good idea and approved.
The 150 to 200 letters of correspondence that I started
to receive per day… were each requesting the nutrition
plan that I would say on air.

My passion for nutrition began when "Nutrition" saved my life.
This passion increased because it gave me the opportunity
to help others that like myself, also needed this help.
Today, I have my license to practice nutrition.
Allowing me to complete my mission:
To help others that desire to, and are in need of nutritional guidance
with honesty and sincerity.
The testimony (and sometimes tears) of people who
have changed their lives as a result of listening to my
nutrition program, has been an incredible incentive for my
self-healing, and to continue to help others.

My Secular Education: Hartnell College
(Salinas , CA) San Jose State (San Jose, CA);
Vocal Classes with Professor Bob Corff
(Hollywood , CA) and studies AFPA Nutrition
of the USA (Ship Bottom, NJ ).

My Favorite Pastimes: Reading Nutrition,
Psychology and Neurolinguistic books; I
enjoy movies… drama, action, cartoon and terror,
music: all types of rock, pop, jazz and romantic music,
if it’s romantic the genre doesn’t matter.
I love to try all kinds of food on the weekends
(not junk food).

Finally, my favorite pastime is the most common for
most women,

"Oh yeah, baby"… Shopping!

Luz Maria Briseño

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