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AVOID not eating, white flour and refined sugars such as pastries,
chips, cookies, chocolates, coffee, soda, alcohol, cigarettes, and fried food.
This is poison to the body, and if you don’t avoid the poison, you will not
lose weight or improve your health.

EAT on schedule and learn how to eat a salad before each meal. Choose
the best breads, cereals and tortillas, opt for whole grain and germinated
(sprouted) grain; wheat is very irritating, avoid it. The best complex
carbohydrates are the ones that have fiber and nutrients such as vegetables,
legumes and whole fruit. Avoid simple and refined carbohydrates that have
no nutrients and you just open up your appetite, cause anxiety, depression,
obesity and diabetes. Eat 5 or 6 times a day and do not dine very late or
too early, eat three hours before bedtime.

DRINK 2 liters of water and avoid an excess of caffeine, this speeds up the
nervous system and it is a lie that it activates the metabolism, in the
contrary, it turns it off.

EXERCISE if you want to lose weight and reduce sizes. You must learn to
count calories so do not eat more calories than what you burn.
If you reduce 400 calories a day from your diet and burn 400 calories a
day with physical exercise, you can lose 1 to 2 pounds a week.
Counting calories is not that difficult if you cook your own meals.
Eating what others cook, especially fast food, can cause you to consume
twice the calories than what your body needs.

Note: Do not skip breakfast and don’t stop eating, 4 or 5 hours without eating
causes the body to produce fat, shutting down your metabolism and increases
hunger at night.

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